The Collection

All our perfumes are unisex, each with their own character. They are like an extension of yourself. An instrument that you use to empower yourself. To consciously choose what you want to radiate. Which fragrance will you take from your perfume collection today? Who do you want to be today?


Appeal to the manifester in yourself with Note. Realize your dreams. Be meaningful. Be the best version of yourself. Make your intangible goals visible and the impossible possible. Manifest it daily.


Feel harmonious, comfortable, and completely balanced with 2 2 2 on your skin. Invoke the memories of balmy summer evenings, where little things such as a beautiful sunset is all the luxury you need to feel like the ultimate wealth. You’re in the exact right place at the exact right time.

Pillow talk

Connect to your inner heart with PILLOW TALK. Open your heart. Be vulnerable. And love. PILLOW TALK represents an intense desire for love, intimacy, and affection. For deep conversations in a safe environment that brings butterflies to your stomach.


Bring out the rebel in you with RUNAWAY. Dare. Dare to be contrary. To be unique. Go for what you want to achieve and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Where others go left, you go right. And you don’t care what others think about that.


Shine like a supernova. Feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. You are a true force, and your good energy makes sure that everyone wants to be near you. Without realizing it, all eyes are on you.

Perfume Sample set incl. €15,- e-Voucher

Try all the perfumes from our very first collection with the Sample Set. Five unique scents, each with their own character, to guide your mood. Do you want to feel confident, seductive, or harmonious? Intensify these moods with our perfumes.

NOT ONE + free sample set

You can combine all fragrances from the collection with each other. Be creative, experiment and come up with your own recipe for an irresistible fragrance combination with Not One.

Need advice?

Our experts will be happy to think with you about a suitable perfume from our niche line, just for you.

Daily Aces Perfumes

Daily Aces is a Dutch perfume house with an attractive line of distinctive unisex fragrances.
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