Pillow talk


Open your heart with PILLOW TALK. Be vulnerable. Love. And make the connection. PILLOW TALK represents an intense desire for love, intimacy, and affection. For deep conversations in a safe environment that brings butterflies to your stomach. It is a fragrance that invites you to hours of conversation, where you want to know everything about each other. “Discover my soul and I’m yours”. That is what you want to covey with the scent of PILLOW TALK.


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Alcohol Denat.; Parfum; Isopropylideneglycerol; Citronellol; Coumarin; Alpha-isomethyl ionone; D-Limonene; Geraniol; Linalol; Citral;; Sodium Chloride; Sodium Sulfate; C.I. 18050; CI 47005
Customize your scent

Every day you deserve the very best. This is what we believe at Daily Aces Perfumes. That’s why, with our perfumes, we reach out to you a tool with which you can get the best out of yourself. Our perfumes each have their own character and allow you to choose what you want to radiate. Think of the perfume as an extension of yourself, think of how you want to feel today and personalize your fragrance. Every day.

The art of perfume

The art of perfumery has been mastered not only by us as creators, but also by you as the wearer. Therefore, we would like to invite you to experiment with our perfumes. For example, use several scents from our collection at once and create your own authentic recipe. That way, you will continue to stimulate your sense of smell and enjoy a delicious and above all unique fragrance combination every day. Also check out our duo pack: NOT ONE.

Fragrance description

PILLOW TALK has a floral base of roses. Striking notes of herbs and spices such as pepper, saffron and patchoelli give the perfume a seductive character. Combined with the full and balmy notes of lapdanum and pepper berries, this creates a deep, warm, and spicy fragrance palette. The ingredient that completes the molecular perfume PILLOW TALK? You and your own unique fragrance signature.

Directions for use

Apply PILLOW TALK to the warmest areas of your body. In addition to the neck, inside of your wrists and your hair, these include more intimate places such as your décolleté, navel and the small of your back. You can also apply perfume to the inside of your elbow and the back of your knees. Spray Note directly on your skin or on the inside of your clothes to avoid staining. Use 4 to 8 sprays for an airy up to an intense perfume Do not rub: this gives you the chance to let the perfume develop gently on your skin.

perfume collection

You can also combine Note with other fragrances from our luxury collection. This prevents you from getting used to a perfume after a while and continues to stimulate your sense of smell. Moreover, in this way you create a different fragrance every day. Tip: don’t just mix the perfumes, spray each one in a different place. For example, use Note on your neck, décolleté and hair and apply another perfume to your wrists. Be creative, experiment and come up with your own recipe for an irresistible fragrance combination. Note one


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Frequently asked questions

Can I try the perfumes first?

That is possible. Then order our Discovery set containing five samples of the perfumes from our very first collection. This way you can try all the perfumes and compare them to see which single perfume or combination of perfumes you like best. When you buy a Discovery Set you will receive a voucher, which you can exchange if you order a 50 ml perfume within 3 months.

Do you live near Rotterdam or Rhoon? Then you can also visit perfumery Mysc. Here you can find testers of all our perfumes, which you can try in the store.

How are perfumes from Daily Aces shipped?

The perfumes from Daily Aces are shipped for free via PostNL. You will receive a Track&Trace code after your order, so you can track the package as soon as it has been shipped. Have you ordered your perfume before 4pm? Then you will receive it the next day. Our perfumes are packaged sustainably and minimally ensuring the package fits through the letterbox. We believe in being environmentally friendly using only recycled plastic for the protective bag around the box.

Can I return my perfume?

You may return your perfume provided the bottle is still unopened and the seal is intact. Register your return via contact@dailyacesperfumes.com and then send the perfume back at your own expense to: Daily Aces Perfumes, Prinsenweide 2G, 7317 BB Apeldoorn. Once we have received the perfume in good order, we will refund the full purchase price to your account.

Prefer not to pay shipping costs? If you live near Rotterdam or Rhoon, you can also exchange your perfume for another one at perfumery Mysc. Send an email to contact@dailyacesperfumes.com and receive confirmation from our customer service. By showing this, the specialists in one of the Mysc stores will be happy to help you find a different, unique scent that does suit you.

Are the perfumes from Daily Aces vegan?
Yes, our perfumes are completely vegan and free of animal ingredients.

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All of our niche perfumes have their own character. They are like an extension of yourself. Who do you want to be today?

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