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Shipping & returns

How are perfumes from Daily Aces shipped?

The perfumes from Daily Aces are shipped by DHL most of the time. You will receive a Track&Trace code after your order, so you can track the package as soon as it has been shipped.  Our perfumes are packaged sustainably and minimally ensuring the package fits through the letterbox.

Can I return my perfume?

You may return your perfume provided the bottle is still unopened and the seal is intact. Register your return via contact@dailyacesperfumes.com and then send the perfume back at your own expense to: Daily Aces Perfumes, Once we have received the perfume in good order, we will refund the full purchase price to your account.


The packaging is damaged. What to do now?

Daily Aces strives for perfection, but not at the expense of the environment. We therefore hope that damaged packaging does not get in the way of your experience too much. Are the contents also damaged? Then of course you can return it. Please contact us at contact@dailyacesperfumes.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution.


I ordered a Discovery Set but did not receive a voucher. What to do now?

You probably already did, but just to be sure, check your Spam. Can’t find a voucher there? Please contact our customer service. Mail to contact@dailyacesperfumes.com or call +31 6 55 89 05 74 and we will make sure that the voucher is sent to you as soon as possible. We can also be reached via WhatsApp.

Can I order a Daily Aces perfume as a gift?
That is possible. For a small additional charge of €4.50, we wrap the perfume in beautiful gift paper and write a personal note. During the ordering process, indicate what you want to say to someone by adding the desired text under the heading ‘comments’ and we will take care of the rest. This way we turn the perfume into a real gift.

The perfumes

Can I try the perfumes first?

That is possible. Just order our Discovery Box containing five samples of the perfumes from our very first collection. This way you can try all the perfumes and compare them to see which single perfume or combination of perfumes you like best. When you order a Discovery Box you will receive a (e)voucher 15,-  which you can redeem when you buy a 50 ml bottle within 3 months.


Can I get advice on a perfume that suits me?

You certainly can. Please feel free to contact us for personal advice. Mail to contact@dailyacesperfumes.com or call to +31 6 55 89 05 74. Let us know which three to five perfumes you have liked in recent years and our customer service staff will be happy to think with you about a suitable perfume from our niche line.

What is a niche perfume?

Niche perfumes are like art: they convey emotions, tell a story, and make a statement. All our perfumes have their own character. You can see a niche perfume as an extension of yourself, with which you can determine what you want to radiate. With it, you choose who you want to be and what part you want to empower in yourself.

What is a molecular perfume?
Molecular perfumes contain natural ingredients as well as special molecules that are odorless in the bottle and only develop when they come into contact with the skin. Thanks to your personal fragrance signature, you get a unique scent with each molecular perfume. This is exactly what we at Daily Aces Perfumes believe in: you already have everything inside you and our perfumes reinforce this.
What is the difference between eau de perfume and perfume?

Perfume has a higher fragrance concentration than eau de parfum. Eau de parfum contains a concentration of fragrance ingredients up to 15%. With perfume it is always 15% or more. This also applies to the perfumes of Daily Aces. We sell only high-quality perfumes, which keeps you smelling good all day long, with a perfume concentration of over 25%.

Help, I can't smell my perfume anymore. What to do now?

Have you been using the same perfume for a long time? Then it may happen that your senses has become so accustomed to it that you no longer consciously perceive the scent. To keep your sense of smell stimulated, you can combine or alternate different perfumes. By using several perfumes, you remain stimulated and not only the people around you but also you enjoy the wonderful perfume that you are wearing.

Where can I best apply my perfume?

You smell perfume best when you apply it to the warm areas of your body. Think for example of your wrists, neck, and elbows, but also more intimate places, such as your cleavage, navel and lower back. You can even apply perfume in the hollows of your knees and in your hair. Alternatively, you can spray perfume on your clothes. Spray from a distance and preferably on the inside of your clothes to avoid staining.

How do I prevent my perfume from changing odor after application?

You can prevent your perfume from changing smell by not applying it to your skin, but for example to your clothes. Our perfumes are molecular and model on contact with the skin. Each perfume adapts to your personal scent signature. Under the influence of hormones, the smell can change. You can avoid this by applying the perfume to your clothes, for example. Tip: spray the perfume on the inside of the garment and do not get too close. This prevents stains.

How can I store my perfume without losing quality?

Heat, light, and air are the natural enemies of perfume. So close your perfume as well as possible and preferably store the bottle in a dark place, where it is not too hot or exposed to intense light. For example in a closed cabinet, a drawer, or in the original packaging of Daily Aces.

Why do you only have 50ml perfume bottles?

We have chosen perfume bottles of 50 milliliters, because they fit exactly in the mailbox. We also believe that it is best to alternate or even combine several perfumes, so that your sense of smell remains stimulated. Do you want more than 50 milliliters? Then order, for example, a duo box with two different fragrances. So you still have 100 milliliters of perfume. But two delicious fragrances instead of one.

Are the perfumes from Daily Aces vegan?

Yes, our perfumes are completely vegan and free of animal ingredients.

Are Daily Aces perfumes cruelty-free?

At Daily Aces, we like to contribute to a better world. Therefore, we do not test our perfumes on animals.

Are perfumes from Daily Aces eco-friendly?
We do our best to be as eco-friendly as possible. We use ingredients of the highest quality and ship as sustainably as possible with small packages without extra boxes that take up unnecessary space during transport and bags made from recycled plastic. Our packaging is also fully recyclable. The glass of the perfume bottle can be disposed of in the bottle bank after use. The cardboard of the packaging may be disposed of in the paper container. And the plastic bag can be disposed of with the plastic.

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